The first Slot Machine in the history

The first Slot Machine in the history

A bit of brief history

It is simply impossible to describe with words how slot machines are popular nowadays. They can be easily found at both online casino websites and traditional gambling houses. As soon as you enter a land-based casino, you immediately turn out to be in a luxurious place with hundreds of gambling machines. The same situation is with the reputable and leading internet casinos e.g. Megajokerslotcom that offers the widest range of slots to choose from. Furthermore, all of them have the best graphics, thrilling themes, multiple features, great bonuses and promotions, etc.

Indeed, nowadays, the gamblers are spoilt with the selection of gambling machines but what about the past? Who developed the first slot ever and how did it look like? Actually, there are several ideas on how the idea of the first slot came about and here we are going to have a look at these two versions.

Charles Fey and the Liberty Bell

There have always been many guesses and accounts regarding the invention of the first slot machine. Yet there are two versions that are more truthful. The first one is that an American, Charles Fey invented the first machine back in 1887. The machine was very simple, hence easy to play. It had only 3 reels and 5 different symbols.

The second version is a little bit different, saying that Charles Fey didn’t invent the Liberty Bell until 1895 and that two other men named Sittman and Pitt developed the very first device in the gambling history. Their machine was based on poker, unlike Fey’s slot.

Similarities and difference of the 2 first developed slots

Of course these are two different slots but still, some similarities were noticed. For instance, a player had to pull a lever to start the game (this aspect was the reason to call slots – one-armed bandits). Another similar feature is the point that a player had to insert a coin to win some amount of money or lose.

Despite some evident similarities, there were also distinctions. For example, the Fey’s machine was more technologically developed at that time: it could dispense coins depending on the outcome of the spin, whereas Pitt’s and Sittman’s machine couldn’t. From the other hand, Fey’s slot had only 3 reels, whereas the other slot has the whole 5, meaning that more various combinations are possible. Nevertheless, the Liberty Bell has always been more popular of the two. Perhaps, that’s why it became the prototype of the current modern slots.

At that time the Liberty Bell was installed at such places as saloons, bars, various venues, etc. In simple words, this particular gambling machine laid the foundation to the slot machines gambling boom

The bottom line: the future


Right after a great popularity of the first slots, a lot of manufacturers started producing their versions of gaming machines based on the principles of the Liberty Bell. Currently, there are thousands of the most interesting and exciting slots that include the latest innovations and developments. Perhaps, the future can only make them more social.