Skipping the middle man? Here’s why a real estate agent is a must

Skipping the middle man? Here’s why a real estate agent is a must

The rise of modern services in Australia that assist home buyers to process their own real estate transactions is quite recent, and it may be wondering if using a real estate agent is becoming a thing of the past.

While doing all the work yourself can save you substantial commission rates many Australian real estate agents ask, for many buyers, flying solo is not the way to go since it could end up being more expensive than a realtor’s commission in the long run. Buying a home is a major financial and emotional task. Here are reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate agent.

Better access to great deals and added convenience. A real estate agent acts as a connection between buyers and sellers, which means better access to most properties listed by other agents. They also know what needs to be done to get the best deal to suit your preferences.

For instance, if you are looking to buy a home, a real estate agent can track down homes that meet your criteria, contact sellers’ agents and set up appointments for you to view the homes. Plus, they have better information about loan providers that can give you better deals like fixed rate home loans available from Newcastle Permanent Building Society and other top loan providers.

Help with home negotiations. Some buyers don’t like processing a real estate deal through agents, feeling as if direct negotiation between them and the seller is more transparent and lets the both parties to better look after their best interests. This is sometimes true – if both the buyer and seller in a given transaction are rational people who can get along. However, this isn’t always an easy relationship.

If you work with an agent, you can point out things you don’t like in a home. Your agent can convey your issues with the sellers’ agent, allowing you to be in a better position to negotiate a discount. Take note that in order to benefit from hiring an agent, you need to select a good one.

Most contracts are difficult to handle. If you choose to buy a home, the offer to purchase contract will protect you and guarantee that you can  back out of the deal if particular conditions aren’t met. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a home with a mortgage, but you fail to make financing – and you don’t get approved for the mortgage – you may lose your deposit on the home or even sued by the seller for failing to fulfil the contract.

A real estate agent is familiar with which conditions should be used when they can be removed and how to use the contract to protect you. Alternatively, choosing a mortgage provider like the fixed rate home loans available from Newcastle Permanent Building Society can put you in a better position by quickly letting you get approved for a loan based on your financial capacity.

End Note

When you get yourself into a difficult situation, it can really pay to have a professional real estate agent by your side. And take note that real estate agents can’t lie, well they can, but not on things that matter since they are bound by law to act in their client’s best interest. Best of luck!