Make Acting Your Business

When you think of an actor, do you envision a brooding Bohemian or Joey Tribbiani? Maybe you don’t see either of those; you see yourself, your face plastered across the silver screen. If you spend your spare time practicing your Oscar acceptance speech, this article is for you. Here’s how you can make acting your business.

1. Start anywhere you can

Acting really is a job where who you know matters. Jump into theatre where ever you can. Maybe there is a small performance at a local church, or a film is casting extras in your area. Whatever the call might be, try to get your foot in the door. Every little bit of experience helps in an industry where it helps to know as many people as possible.

2. Acting school

Enrolling in a program is a fantastic way to build connections and get the real-world experience you need to succeed as an actor. But if a four-year program is not in the cards for you at the moment, there a different classes and programs that can help. Acting schools are a great start for any actor, no matter their experience.

3. Practice all the time

Most actors will be asked to give a monologue or performance as an audition. Even when you do not currently have any auditions lined up, is a good idea to practice the monologue you intend to use so that you know it by heart when the time comes. Nailing this first performance will open the door for many more opportunities.

4. Build up a resume

The first tip says start where you can. This is for a good reason. You want to act as much as possible, in as many roles as possible. Even if all of those roles do not pay, the experience is invaluable and a well-padded acting resume will help you get the roles you want.

5. Find an agent

When you begin to see success, capitalize on it. Hire an agent. An experienced agent can help actors by providing them with a massive network of contacts and get them in the door for roles they might not be able to get otherwise. Agents also help actors avoid making rookie mistakes and will help you get in the door to the largest movie companies.

6. Build from acting

If you start acting and find that another field in the entertainment industry interests you more, pursue it. Maybe you discover you preferred directing or working behind the scenes of the film set more than you do being front and center. Again, who you know matters. And if you have experience in one area of the film industry, it makes it easier to find work in a different area of the industry.

Many people view acting as some sort of pipe dream, but it doesn’t have to be. With hard work and the willingness to be in the right place at the right time, you can get your start as an actor or actress.