Benefits of double glass door refrigeration units

Benefits of double glass door refrigeration units

Glass door refrigerators have become an essential in the food industry, especially if you are selling products direct to consumers right from the refrigerator. Being able to display products while keeping them at the right temperature makes for an ideal marketing strategy, as the visual encourages people to buy. People seem to prefer purchasing food they can see, but that’s kept behind a protective case.

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As fridges become increasingly hi tech, we’re faced with an ever-growing array of options, and the benefits of double door glass refrigerators become even more obvious.

A convenient option

Glass double door fridges are incredibly convenient, as products can not only be stacked effectively, but they can also be displayed in a way that shows them off at their best. Brand names can be visible to customers, which adds to marketing appeal, and consumers can also select their desired product without having to open a door to stare at the different options on offer.

Efficiency at its best

Solid door refrigeration units, such as those available at, offer their own benefits, but glass door fridges offer a high level of efficiency too. There’s no need for consumers to open a door to choose a product, they can take their time looking through the glass rather than letting the cold air escape and the temperature change. The less a fridge’s doors are opened the better, as a constant temperature can be maintained.

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Easy to clean

Double door glass fridges are very easy to clean, due to their construction. Both doors can be opened at once and getting into the corners is not an issue. As the doors can open up the entire frontage of the fridge, there’s no chance of dirt accumulating in hard to reach areas. The glass can also be wiped down daily, keeping it shiny and easy to see through.

Visually appealing

Glass door fridges are visually appealing and when merchandised well, can be a huge selling point. They are perfect for promotions and advertising specific products, and can easily be branded too. By putting products in line of sight, customers will be automatically drawn to them, and a double glass door refrigerator is an excellent sales tool when used correctly.

Any shop, café, deli or takeaway can benefit from this type of fridge, and it certainly offers numerous advantages.