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An Insight into the Role of a London Traffic Warden

Traffic wardens are not high on the list of most popular people to be found on the city streets. They are employed in the public sector, but they usually are not much liked. Any slip-up by a traffic warden will get plenty of attention in the media to reinforce an image which already has plenty of negative connotations. Many wardens encounter abusive behaviour from people on the street, and some have even been attacked.

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Road Rage

One traffic warden said that just putting on his uniform and going outside in it can trigger all kinds of threatening actions from the public. Many traffic officers have reported that the worst aspect of this profession is being abused regularly by members of the public. Some traffic officers have been punched, spat on and had their ticketing equipment ripped out of their hands.


Many traffic wardens wear body cameras to help protect them from aggressive and angry motorists. Traffic wardens in general seem to appreciate this kind of protection, even if they are fit, strong, healthy young men. But working on their own can make them vulnerable. Fortunately, traffic wardens receive training on how to handle intimidating motorists, according to this article in The Guardian.

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The body worn camera can be a useful tool to protect people doing jobs that can lead to having interactions with the public that may not be pleasant. If you want to find out more about the wider applications and regulations pertaining to using the body worn camera, it would be a good idea to consult experts in this area, such as those found at, who can provide helpful advice and guidance.

Being a traffic warden is a job that is, in many ways, like other jobs. They fill a role for which they receive a wage. They may not be greeted with joy, but imagine the state of our streets if traffic wardens did not exist. Many drivers ignore parking regulations anyway, and if no one were enforcing them, thousands of motorists would park wherever they like. This would lead to roads being blocked and even more congestion and traffic jams that we already have to deal with, especially in big cities. When you think about it, traffic wardens actually provide a necessary service.… Read More

7 softwares you must have in your PCs or Laptops as a regular user

Third party programs have always served you well with the features they offer.However,all of them are not good and are often malicious,causing system lags.

So,if you are unable to decide which one to count one,here’s a list of 7 essential softwared that are a must have in your PCs or laptops.

1.eM Client

In today’s world,emails have become a must for everyone.Talking about the corporate world,a situation may demand you to have more than 1 email account.Several tabs to manage your accounts makes your browser look lousy and slow.

eM Client is one such software,which has been doing the rounds on the internet for nearly 10 years now for its ability to manage multiple accounts from various service providers.It also comes with an integrated chat app too with support for common standards such as Jabber and Google Chat, and it’s a good alternative to heavyweight apps like Outlook.

So this is a must have mailbox app on your PC or laptop.

2.Avira Antivirus

Avira has been on the top for quite some time now as the best antivirus that provides free service. Initially it had a few technical glitches causing the system to slow down. It seems that the technicians have understood the requirement of the users and have developed the slickest, cleanest and the  least system intensive antivirus package. It also doesn’t include a host of other packages or plugins like a secure browser or a safe search plugin automatically. However, it has provisions for the same if the user wishes to have them. So if you are looking for a safe antivirus software without slowing down your system,you should go for Avira.

3.Chrome Browser

If you are looking for lightning-fast browsing and maximum download speeds, Chrome should be your choice. Chrome makes the cut for the fastest browser based on online surveys across the world. However, it has faced criticism for making the system slow. The issue has been resolved to an extent by the technicians and Chrome now uses the RAM more efficiently. It uses more connections compared to any other browser and the page load time is also less compared to others on the same connection. A set of browser extensions on the google store make the experience even better for the users.

4.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS data recovery wizard free is the one of the trending free data recovery software .EaseUS has emerged as one of the best tool in recovering data from mis-deleted files.ThisData recovery software is quick and efficientWith options to preview files before attempting to recover is its USP. Deleted photos accidently? No problem. EaseUS has a provision for photo recovery as well, without compromising the image quality. Lost data from removable drives can be recovered quickly via EaseUS. It is a must have tool for PCs and laptops to recover accidently deleted files.


Snapper is currently the best screenshot tool for your PCs or laptops. The Snapper snapshot tool is a valuable helper … Read More