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What You Need To Know About Mobile Order Processing

It was not possible to use credit or debit cards on a mobile phone. Businesses would usually have to rely on stand alone terminals that would need landline so that your bank cards can be processed. Fast paced businesses would find this type of payment system an inconvenience. Examples of these industries would be landscapers, hair stylists, house cleaning, or other businesses that would receive payments remotely.

The traditional method would be that these businesses would need to copy the client’s credit card number and put it in the credit card machine or call it in. This method is the traditional way of processing payments. This was considered risky due to the fact that it made the business vulnerable to internal credit card fraud. Charge backs are also increased in this system since the transaction won’t be final unless the credit card receipt would be signed at time of transaction. Transactions that are keyed in will also be processed at a higher cost if ever the card is not present.

For businesses that process payments in this way today, these scenarios can still happen to them. When accepting credit card or debit card payments, businesses now have various options available to them.

Credit or debit card payments can now be accepted just by using your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the wireless device industry. This can also be done without too much effort and also without any additional investment. Because of this type of innovation, mobile credit card processing is become more and more popular. Transactions through cards are now being accepted in a different way. Due to these brilliant innovations, businesses can lessen the risks for credit card fraud, charge backs, and extra costs for keyed transactions.

You can use a credit card processing mobile app in order to go through this process. Set up for this would involve a simple merchant application form and the business owner would then obtain access to download the mobile app and also have log in credentials which is connected to their bank account. When swiping your customer’s card, you can use a card reader that will be plugged into your mobile device. The transaction would then be completed once the mobile app would work with the credit card information.

Once the card reader and mobile reader processing app has been properly connected, you can now begin your transactions. By swiping the credit card or debit card, you can now use it on your mobile. You can then request the client to sign on the touch screen and then you can email them a copy of the receipt.

You can gain a lot of benefits when using mobile credit card processing. You can now have an easy, cost efficient, and convenient way of making profits.